I already have a web site and I'm happy with the content.  Why would I switch?

Put simply, you'll retain or improve your web site content while turning a cost into a revenue stream.

You likely paid someone to develop your web site and you therefore own the content.  We'd be happy to transfer your existing web content to your new site, retaining all aspects of its appearance.  You may find that we offer improved services, such as better graphical designs, integrated pre-planning forms, Google Maps for home, cemetery and church locations etc. - feel free to select from our offerings, all are free of charge.

Given that you can keep your current content (or have us improve upon it, free of charge), your compelling reason to switch is turning a cost into a revenue source.  This is probably the easiest business decision that you've faced!

If you'd rather stay with your current provider, we can still integrate our obituary and flower ordering system into your website, free of charge.

How does the flower ordering work?  What is my involvement?

You provide us with the list of local florists that you want us to work with (as many or as few as you wish).  We then work with them to incorporate their flower listings directly within the obituary section of your new web site.  When a web visitor views an online obituary, they see the option to pick out and send flowers from directly within the obituary section.  Since your web site already knows the funeral and visitation details, and your funeral home address, the customer need only pick out the flower arrangement and pay for it.  Our web site code then directly passes this order to your local florist using the exact same methods that wire services such as Telefora use.  Your florist then fulfills the order as normal.  You have zero involvement in this process.

What happens if something goes wrong?  Will customers call me?

We make it very clear that customers are buying from your local florist.  When someone makes an order, they receive an automated email from us that lists the florist's contact details, should they have questions about their order.

Massachusetts Funeral Homes cannot sell flowers.  Does this violate those rules?

It does not.  Your funeral home is not selling the flowers - Consolidated Funeral Services is selling them by effectively 'renting' space on your web site.  We work directly with your local florists to incorporate their flowers within the funeral home web site that we provide to you.  Consolidated Funeral Services takes the orders, much like Telefora takes online orders.  We pay the sales taxes on the orders and pay the florists the order amount, less our commission.  Your funeral home has zero involvement in this process.  You should think of your web site as valuable real estate in the online world - it draws in prospective customers that, in the most part, are planning on sending flowers.  We rent space on your web site to assist your local florists in selling to these visitors.  In return, we pay you a monthly fee, derived from the amount of flowers that we sold at your web site.   We also provide the web site to you free of charge since, without it, we would not have a viable business.

I have many years of obituaries listed at my web site.  Will I lose these if I switch over to you?

No.  Consolidated Funeral Services will pre-load all of your existing online obituaries into your new site.

Can I sell other vendor products at my web site?

Absolutely.  We have already added cremation urns and memorial products (such as Madelyn Jewelry) to funeral home web sites.  We'd be happy to add as many product lines as you'd like.  Listing these products online provides you with a way to sell these items to extended family and friends, as well as the immediate family, without the need to 'push' the products in person.  We can also list your casket line and other funeral products, with or without your pricing.

I work with multiple florists.  Can you accommodate this?

Yes.  Most of our funeral home customers work with multiple florists.  You can designate as many florists as you wish.  We then incorporate each of them into our ordering system and allocate orders on an even basis.

How does the transition work?

We build your new web site on our servers and provide you with a private link that allows you to preview it.  Once you are happy with the content we assist you in switching your domain hosting from your current provider to our web servers.  We can typically set up your new site within one to two days.

Can I make changes to my web site content?

We'd be happy to make unlimited ongoing changes to your web site, free of charge.  Your funeral home web site is also fully customizable by you, should you be interested in making changes yourself.  We'll provide you with a site admin logon that allows you to add obituaries, upload photographs, approve condolences etc.  In addition, once logged in, you'll find that each web site page is editable, allowing you to use our Word processor-like interface to make edits to your web site text.  However, please remember that making your own changes is entirely optional - we're also happy to make the changes for you if you'd prefer us to do so.

What happens if no-one orders from my web site?  Do I then pay for the web hosting?

Your web site is always free.  All of our existing funeral home clients have generated web site orders and thus revenue for themselves.  We're confident that yours will too because the system is so handy for your web site visitors.  If no-one orders, unlikely though it may be, you simply get a great web site free of charge!

Do you have reference customers?

Both the funeral homes and florists that we work with would be happy to speak with you.  Please contact us for further details.


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