CFS websites are engineered to look terrific on all device types, from high resolution desktop computer workstations to tablets and smartphones.  Not only does the website intelligently and automatically adapt to the screen size but it also allows you to optionally decide what is shown on each device type.

These features ensure that your website visitors find what they are looking for, no matter what device they use to access your website.

Since inception, we have engineered a number of features into CFS websites to help drive your search engine rankings and this is an area that we are continually investing in.  Key features include:

  • Automatic generation of machine readable ‘sitemaps’ that tell the search engines about your website content.  Written in their own coding language and proactively submitted each time you post an obituary or make a page edit, these sitemaps hand the search engines a blueprint of your website (rather than leaving it to them to independently find your content).

  • Automatic metadata tagging of content on your pages, pointing out meaningful data for the search engines to index.  For example, tagging names, dates, locations, events (services), product listings and so on.

  • Automatic keyword and page-level metadata generation, ensuring that each website page is ranked according to the funeral industry-specific products and services that are cited within it.

  • Fully customizable metadata.  Although we are proud of our automatic, turnkey solution, all of this can be customized, should you decide to adjust the system to further meet your needs.

We have invested heavily in our website obituary system over the past six years, drawing from our experience, as well as the valuable feedback provided by our funeral home clients.  Key features include:

  • Integrated guest book and 'light a candle' feature (candles are free).
  • Full-featured photo galleries.
  • Ability to upload tribute and service videos.
  • Over 450 background music tracks.
  • Hundreds of background and themed images to choose from.
  • Ability to add your own themed obituary images (e.g. local scenery/landmarks)
  • Integrated tribute videos (see below).
  • All obituary content, including videos, never expire.

CFS websites include support for outstanding tribute videos, powered by Tukios.  This service allows you to offer families that you serve the ability to commission a high quality video tribute to their loved one.  You may find this service useful if you do not already have a tribute video service or wish to roll out an improved offering.

Quickly create memorial videos online (no software download necessary).  Simply upload one or more photographs and select from a wide variety of video themes, segments, music, and verses.

Once you create the video, it immediately (and automatically) appears on the obituary page.

Family members and friends viewing the video can directly purchase standard DVDs or a DVD Bookshelf package, both of which are directly manufactured and shipped to the customer by Tukios.  You receive commissions on all orders.

A CFS website includes unlimited online forms, each of which is fully customizable by funeral directors by merely dragging and dropping form elements into a website page.  All responses are collected, stored and backed up in a secure online management system and can be printed or accessed from any device.  Use these new forms to offer configurable funeral packages, collect requests for information, offer fully-tailored pre-need or at-need options, authorization forms, sign-ups for local community events etc. – the possibilities are endless.

CFS websites allow you to publish online price lists for your products and services.  Our price list website component makes it a snap to amend prices or add/remove services as often as required.

Funeral Directors may also elect to display online service packages, allowing web visitors to select across bundles of options that you specify, in order to receive a price quote.

CFS websites include the ability to directly order flowers for upcoming services.  Flower ordering is built directly into the obituary page and is offered in a dignified, non-commercial way.  It is important to note that flower ordering does not use a wire service.  All orders are directly sent to the local florists that you designate.  We generate a commission from orders and split it with funeral homes 50/50.  We pay all costs out of our portion.

When you nominate a given florist, they receive their own self-managed web store, allowing them to add, remove and edit their flower arrangements and set the prices, descriptions and images, as they see fit.  Given this, our model allows you to offer your florists a prime spot on your website to capture online orders on their own terms.  When compared with other service models, this is clearly a win for both your florists and the customers placing the orders.  Florists are given a fair price for their items and are motivated to fill the order to value for the customer.

CFS websites include features that funeral directors can optionally deploy to help them stay connected to their local markets.  These include:

  • Online calendars to outline events taking place at the funeral home or in the local community.

  • Online newsletters to announce community related events and/or discuss developments or new services offered by the funeral home.

  • Online blogs to share your thoughts on funeral-related topics or other topics that you wish to discuss.

  • Social media integration to automatically share content, such as articles and obituary postings, to your Facebook and/or twitter feeds, directly connecting you with your community using popular social media services.