Supporting your local businesses with integrated ordering

CFS websites include the ability to directly order flowers for upcoming services.  Flower ordering is built directly into the obituary page and is offered in a dignified, non-commercial way.  It is important to note that flower ordering does not use a wire service.  All orders are directly sent to the local florists that you designate.

When you nominate one or more florists, they each receive their own self-managed web store, allowing them to add, remove and edit their flower arrangements and set the prices, descriptions and images, as they see fit.  Given this, our model allows you to offer your florists a prime spot on your website to capture online orders on their own terms.  This approach is clearly a win for both your florists and the customers placing the orders.  Florists are given a fair price for their items and are motivated to fill the order to value for the customer.

The flower ordering model incorporated within CFS websites has been an incredible success, delivering millions of dollars in revenue to funeral homes while still providing florists with a means of retaining more dollars per order than those offered by typical order processors.  CFS directly processes thousands of orders each and every week, providing value to both online customers and the thousands of vendors in our in-house merchandising system.

The success of this approach is also evident in our business model – this is the only way that we generate revenue to meet the costs of providing our website and software services. 

Our ordering system is not limited to flowers. You are welcome to include your own product lines to your web store, or products from vendors that you value in your local community.