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CFS pioneered fully-integrated eCommerce within funeral home websites. Our unique model allows florists to list their own products, at their own prices, within the obituary system. This model also allows the florist to receive more money than they would from a wire service order.

Unlike other website providers, our direct website to florist model eliminates traditional wire services, leaving more margin to share between CFS and the funeral home. That commission is how we can afford to build and maintain your site for free. This means not only will we never charge you for your site, we’ll pay you each month you have a sale. We only make money when you do.

Yes. While we have many different layouts to choose from, they are simply a starting point. We'll work with you to incorporate your logo, colors and imagery that are personal to your business. We also have tons of stock photography and video that you can choose from. Want to personalize your content, change the site structure or use elements from different designs? We can do all of that. The final result will be a website like no other that is unique to your business.

We build your new website on our servers and provide you with a private link that allows you to review it. Once you are happy with the content, we assist you in switching your domain hosting from your current provider to our web servers. We can typically set up your new site within two weeks.

Absolutely. We’d be happy to make unlimited ongoing changes to your website, free of charge. Your funeral home website is also fully customizable by you, should you be interested in making changes yourself.

We will provide you with a site admin logon that allows you to add obituaries, upload photographs, approve condolences etc. In addition, once logged in, you’ll find that each website page is editable, allowing you to use our flexible drag/drop interface to make changes to your website. However, making your own changes is entirely optional — we’re also happy to make the changes for you, if you’d prefer us to do so.

No. Consolidated Funeral Services will pre-load all of your existing online obituaries, condolences, photographs and videos into your new site.

Simply provide us with the list of local florists that you want us to work with (as many or as few as you wish). We then work with them to incorporate their flower listings directly within the obituary section of your new web site. 

When a web visitor views an online obituary, they see the option to conveniently pick out and send flowers from directly within the obituary section. We provide this option in a dignified and non-commercial way. Since your website already knows the funeral and visitation details, and your funeral home address, the customer need only pick out the flower arrangement and pay for it. Our website code then directly passes this order to your local florist (no wire services are used). Your florist then fulfills the order as normal. You have zero involvement in this process.

Yes. Most of the funeral homes that we serve work with multiple florists. You can designate as many florists as you wish. We then incorporate each of them into our ordering system and allocate orders on an even basis. You can also select a specific florist to handle all orders for a particular service, if requested by the family (for example).

We make it very clear that customers are buying from your local florist. When someone makes an order, they receive an automated email from us that lists the florist’s contact details, should they have questions about their order.

You are welcome to sell as many products as you wish, either fulfilled directly by you or by vendors that you work with. You will be given access to a ‘store admin’ facility that allows you to define and price products that you wish to sell online. You can also use this facility to list product catalogs (caskets, urns, vaults, markers etc.) with or without pricing.

You will never receive a bill from CFS, even if your website never receives an online order. We have been in business since 2008 and serve over 3,000 funeral homes across North America. We know for sure that you will receive orders and we are happy to rely on our portion of the commission to offset the cost of designing and maintaining your website.

Both the funeral homes and florists that we work with would be happy to speak with you. You can also review a selection of our testimonials.

Want to see how it's done? Check out our tutorials page.

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