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All our websites include integrated flower ordering. Unlike other providers however, we don't use wire services. Instead, we work directly with your local florists and handle the transactions ourselves. We then each make a commission from these sales.

By doing it this way we can afford to not charge for our websites, and we actually pay you. Florists also benefit by having full control of their pricing and our commission is much less than the wire service fees they normally pay. In addition, you can sell any other products you wish and keep the net proceeds from those sales.

Simply tell us which florists you would like to work with (as many or as few as you wish) and we’ll get them set up. There’s absolutely no cost to you and we handle all the transactions.

When someone places an order through your site, all they have to do is choose an arrangement and pay. The site already knows the service information which is then transmitted immediately to the florist. You have zero involvement in this process, and every month we’ll pay you a commission from all your sales.

You never pay us a dime and we only get paid when you get paid.

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