Consolidated Funeral Services (CFS) has been operating since 2008 and has been the technology partner of The Dodge Company since 2009.  Serving over 2,800 funeral homes across North America, CFS has put more than one website live for each business day that we have been operating.

CFS was founded by former software executives with many years of experience providing IBM enterprise-class software to large companies across the globe.  Drawing on this experience, the company has created a smart software platform that is specifically tailored to the funeral industry, offering so much more than merely a web presence.  CFS is continually investing development resources to provide funeral homes with the software that they need to efficiently run their businesses, grow revenue and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

The CFS business philosophy is unique - you will never pay for your CFS solutions.  The company's revenue is derived solely from a share of commissions generated from the sale of sympathy products (mainly flowers) at your website - you get more of the commission than CFS.  The company feels that this is a fair and reasonable way of doing business - you receive website platform that will better serve your needs and generate additional revenue for you and CFS only makes money from our software when you do.

Put simply, CFS turns a monthly bill from your current web provider into a monthly revenue check from CFS.  You can be sure of this because it is the only way that CFS generates revenue.

Our team of client services specialists and web designers is ready to assist you.  Give us a call and allow us to build you a modern website, at no cost and at no risk to you.  There are never any contracts with CFS - if you do not like what we build, you are under no obligation to switch to us.

CFS is proud to be the technology partner of Dodge.

Talk to your Dodge Rep about the Dodge/CFS Website Solutions or contact us directly by clicking here.

You do not need to be a Dodge customer to receive a CFS website.